The Reignite Alumni Gala: A Night To Remember

On Thursday, October 26 2023, we had the joy of bringing together 300 Alumni, mentors and special guests across all Leadership Victoria programs at the Reignite Alumni Gala. For over 30 years, Leadership Victoria has helped facilitate powerful networks that endure beyond our programs. This is proven by our large, diverse, and esteemed Alumni network that has actively worked to amplify their leadership impact in their organisations, sectors and communities. They all embody the mantra that leadership is not a position, it’s an activity.

The night was filled with reignited connections, memorable stories, engaging conversations and not to mention, heartfelt laughs, from all Alumni (some of which hadn’t seen fellow members of their cohort for 3 decades!).

We also took an opportunity, with so many highly regarded leaders in the room, to raise leadership issues that need our attention now. Our panel of Williamson Community Leadership Program scholarship recipients Jacqueline Watkins (WCLP ’21), Lara Freidin (WCLP ‘22) and Mamadou Diamanka (WCLP ’15), highlighted our responsibilities to pressing leadership issues that face the Victorian community. This included our collective commitment to reconciliation, addressing and combating violence against women and gender inequality and creating access to opportunities for immigrants, refugees and vulnerable young people, particularly those of African descent. Thank you, Jacqui, Lara and Mamadou for providing your valuable insights and calling for action.

A further thank you to our MC for the evening, Luke Hockley (WCLP ’07), Leadership Victoria Chair Christine Nixon, CEO Katherine Ellis (WCLP ’07) and Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece (WCLP ‘09) for sharing your remarks about your own leadership journeys and experiences.

Finally, this would not have been possible without our dedicated Alumni working group who worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life, Jarrod McLauchlan (WCLP ‘15), Christine Barca (WCLP ‘10), Jim Liaskos (WCLP ‘91) and Laney Quinn (NL HWLP ‘22).

Thank you to the sponsors of the Reignite Alumni Gala, DavidsonProcal DairiesNORTH LinkMidnightsky and C&D Design. It was a pleasure seeing our Alumni reconnect and we look forward to next time!

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