Leadership Victoria is an innovative, independent social enterprise. Our vision is for a better world, where everyone is able to exercise purposeful leadership and contribute to an inclusive and sustainable future. We exist to inspire and mobilise exceptional leaders, and our rich transformative learning experiences enable people to find their leadership purpose.

For 30 years, we have been connecting and empowering leaders across business, government and community sectors, enabling them to exercise the leadership required to address today’s complex challenges and contribute to positive economic, social and environmental outcomes. We purposefully connect leaders with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to enable fresh thinking on complex challenges. We facilitate powerful networks that endure beyond our programs, enabling leaders to amplify their leadership impact in their organisations, sectors and communities.

In addition to our open enrolment programs, Leadership Victoria partners with many organisations across the business, government and community sectors to co-design and deliver customised programs for leaders at all levels, supporting organisational transformation and evolution.