Celebrating Milestones: Presenting the 2023 Yearbook

We are thrilled to launch the most recent iteration of the LV Yearbook! We view yearbooks as invaluable keepsakes, chronicling the memories and milestones of LV and the LV community throughout the year. We are proud to have captured key memories from 2023, showcasing individuals’ contributions and impact in the Williamson Community Leadership Program, as well as our open enrolment programs and partnership programs.


We hope that the yearbook stories transcend beyond its pages, igniting introspection, reflection and pride in the LV community’s collective achievements. As you begin delving into the yearbook, we will leave you with this introduction from CEO Katherine Ellis:

“LV has always punched far above its weight, thanks to our dedicated staff and Board, supportive sponsors and donors, and committed volunteers. This includes the many outstanding speakers and mentors who give generously of their time and expertise in service of the growth of new generations of leaders. Thank you all for your commitment to LV in 2023, including through some extremely turbulent times. I am very proud to present our results to you in this yearbook.” 

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