18 October 2019
2019 Greater Dandenong Young and Emerging Community Leaders Program Set to Have Positive Impact on the Community

If anyone else wanted to do this course, I’d say ‘just go for it’. Don’t hold back. You’ll...

16 October 2019
Leadership Victoria – A Certified Social Enterprise

Leadership Victoria is proud to announce we have recently achieved Social Traders Re-Certification, joining a community of Australian...

27 September 2019
Leadership and The Big Idea

Inequality and exclusion costs Australia more than $45 billion a year and an alliance brought together by an...

24 July 2019
Message from the LV Board

The LV Board wishes to advise LV alumni of some recent Board and Executive changes at LV.

14 June 2018
1999 Williamson Cohort 20th Anniversary Celebrations, Joan Hegedus (WCLP’99)

The Williamson Community Leadership Program 1999 alumni are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our program year, with two...

08 June 2018
Leadership and International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day particularly shines the spotlight on the need for leadership on gender equity. And Leadership Victoria...