To My Pre-Williamson Self

Williamson Leadership Program

Poem written by 2019 Williamson Alumna


Well hello over there

It’s me, the future you

Don’t worry, I won’t stay too long

I’ve got a job to do


I see you’re busy packing

Sprawling clothes all over your bed

Heading to Marysville in the morning

Would you pause a moment instead?


You see, I feel compelled

To let you know some things

To prepare you for the year ahead

And what the future brings


Don’t roll your eyes, I know I know

It’s more fun to just jump in

But here’s a handy tip or two

That might help before you begin


Get a decent backpack

A comfy pair of shoes

You’ll be walking A LOT

And sore feet bring the blues


Oh, and really get up to speed

On Zoom meetings too

Best not to faff about
Just before every session’s due


And really make the effort

To mingle and carpool and connect

The people are the bomb

Some of the best you’ve ever met


Now please listen to this bit

It’s something I’d love to change

Take a few days off work at the very end

You’ll be so utterly drained


In fact, try give yourself some time

All throughout the year

To reflect and think and wonder

At the experience you’ll soon hold dear


Oh, and how you’ll grapple

With the simplest thing ever

Simply putting up your hand

Amongst a group so confident and clever


But there’s going to be this moment

That you do, and oh my lord

It’s really something special

People will applaud


There’s really nothing like it

Facing nerves and fear front on

The adrenaline, the deep breathing

Believing you are strong


So you see, the thing is this

You gotta get brave

Keep saying it over and over

It’ll change the path you pave


Just like the people before you

And those that will soon follow

You’re now on the hook officially

To make a better tomorrow


So here I am, before you

The one year older you

A bit more confident, a bit more purposeful

Perhaps a bit more true


I’ll let you get back to packing

Here’s my farewell wave

Remember this, if nothing else

Now’s the time to get brave!

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