Our Statement on January 26

January 26 is not a day for celebration. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, this date is intertwined with a long history of injustices, dispossession, and cultural suppression and erasure.  

It is a day of deep mourning and reflection on the tragic impacts of colonisation; however, it can also be an opportunity for open dialogue and progress towards Reconciliation. Leadership Victoria  calls for understanding, respect and a commitment to addressing the ongoing challenges faced in Indigenous communities. 

In solidarity with First Nations people, the Leadership Victoria office will remain open on 26 January, with staff working regular hours on the public holiday and taking leave on another day. By keeping our doors open, we aim to encourage an environment of awareness and meaningful conversations about Australia’s shared history.  

We encourage the LV community of leaders to contribute in your own communities, organisations and sectors, to stand with First Nations people in fostering an inclusive future where history and culture is celebrated and honoured as part of a reconciled Australia. 

Read more about our commitment to Reconciliation in our RAP.

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