Meet your 2023 Williamson Fellows

Last week, we celebrated the graduation of the 2023 cohort from the Williamson Community Leadership Program. Leadership Victoria are proud to welcome these 62 inspiring leaders into our extensive and trusted Alumni community and also recognise them as Williamson Fellows.

At the Graduation, Charlie McMullin, one of two Valedictorians, delivered very apt words to summarise the year from a Williamson Fellow lense. 

“The way the year has come together – the foundational nature of each theme and activity providing a platform for what comes next (an analogy that I enjoy as an engineer) has been a real delight. No doubt we’ve all taken or noticed different things at different times: perhaps some lightbulb moments or more a slow and steady plod, or times of genuine panic or uncertainty.

We may have come with anticipation of big changes, and some of us had big breakthroughs early, some later and some are just around the corner – no matter how it has appeared for us, as we heard from our leadership promises, we have all taken plenty on board – or discovered some good stuff that was already there, sitting just under the surface – perhaps a consulting side hustle or something.

As a cohort, we have the beginnings of our own legacy to be proud of. We have a sustained focus on work with our First Nations brothers and sisters despite macro headwinds. And the introduction of the Inclusion Cup into the Williamson tradition has encouraged conversations about inclusion and universal access. These are but two examples of this group’s awesome work.”

Charlie went on to state:

“At a time when it seems like there are too many important issues to deal with, I am heartened by the fact that this group – who were strangers to each other 9 short months ago – have come up with such great ideas, and great work in and amongst everything else we have going on.

It was a working reminder of a few things:

That the things that can divide us are miniscule in comparison to the things that bring us together: belonging, respect, laughter, feeling valued, feeling heard.

That we have to acknowledge and check our privilege, however intersectional or varied it may be.

That it can and must be possible to hold multiple things as true at the same time.

That remembering these things is often the job of a leader – although not remembered by all leaders. Or as I heard it summarised recently: “you can’t have a moral compass with a needle that isn’t moving.”

And of course, somewhat relievingly, that wheel finally makes sense – a reminder that it doesn’t start and stop, and that while our Williamson year may have ended, the connections and the most interesting work continues. In fact, I was talking this week to a good friend about what an experience it’s been and how it’s a bit sad that it’s had to finish, but we realised that you couldn’t do this again – it wouldn’t be the same.  We need to remember that, much like leadership, being part of this group is an activity – and that is not a static word. We will need to take it forward in our own way, which I am confident we will do.” 

Thank you Charlie for allowing us to share your words with the wider LV community.

Although we have now officially closed out the Williamson Community Leadership Program for 2023, this is not the end. We look forward to continuously working with our newly graduated alums to lead with purpose, amplify their leadership impact and fulfil their leadership promises to leave a lasting impact in their organisations, communities and beyond.

A further thank you to everyone who has contributed to any and every aspect to the program throughout the year, from venues to speakers to special guests and hosts, we are grateful and appreciative for your unique input. Finally, a big thank you to our facilitators for 2023, Katy McDevitt and Jon Eddy, your work in making the program what it was this year has not gone unnoticed.

We hope that our extended LV community joins in celebrating this special moment and congratulations again to our Williamson Fellows 2023!




Williamson Fellow Employer
Adam Murdoch Energy Safe Victoria
Allison Howell Quinton University of Melbourne
Amanda Lawrie-Jones Accessible Action
Amanda Handley Medicines Development for Global Health
Amelia Condi Summer Foundation
Amy Robinson Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project
Angela Sormaz Transport Accident Commission
Angela Erwin Barwon Health
Anna Stephenson MCCC GP Training
Annette Davis Monash Health
Ariana Kurzeme Alannah & Madeline Foundation
Brydie Quinn Able Australia
Caitlin Oliver Department of Families, Fairness & Housing
Charlie McMullin Cross Yarra Partnership (CYP)
Christina Earls DuluxGroup
Christine Leahy Corval Group
Debbie Shiell Austin Health
Fatima Everitt Dreamtime Art Creative Consultancy
Georgi Fairley FPPV Architecture
Georgie Dwyer Berry Street
Georgie Birch City of Stonnington
Gillian Denison Future Fund
Greg Christison Fire Rescue Victoria
Hisney Nowfal Middleton Group
James Seow Monash University and City of Port Phillip
Jay Mueller Australian Football League
Jessica Bartik Department of Premier and Cabinet
Jithma Beneragama Amazon Web Services
Jo Curtin Community Broadcasting Foundation
Joe Murfet Department of Transport
Joe Youssef Department of Justice and Community Safety
Julia Oxley Monash Health
Kelly-Ann McKinnis ANZ
Kevin Kapeke VicHealth
Kieran Lenehan Fire Rescue Victoria
Kiran Khan Annecto
Leigh Saunders Aborigines Advancement League
Lisa Cox Northern Health
Liza Raynes ANZ
Mark Cochrane-Holley City of Melbourne
Martina Murray Melbourne Theatre Company
Melanie Cook Cook Beattie & Associates
Natalie Boston Vicinity Centres
Natalie Donohoe Premium Health
Nina Klein Ambulance Victoria
Paul Davies Leisure Networks
Peta Owen Ambulance Victoria
Rachel Elliott Australian Football League
Rachna Madaan-Bowman South East Community Links
Ranya Shahwan Worksafe Victoria
Ross Connor Department of Transport Victoria
Sally Baker EBM RentCover
Sam Read Sexual Health Victoria
Sarah Naarden Initiatives of Change Australia
Steve Coldham City of Casey
Sue Anderson Co Squared
Susanne Newton Darebin City Council
Tanya Wolkenberg City of Melbourne
Tighearnan Corcoran Department of Family Fairness and Housing
Timothy Binks Department of Education & Training
Tish Tambakau Beyond Blue
Tom Connell The Royal Children’s Hospital


*Employer as at time of Williamson 2023 recruitment (November, 2022) Please note that employments may change over time and will not be reflected here.

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