Complaints Policy

Leadership Victoria is committed to ensuring that there is a fair process for handling complaints that may arise from our activities. We aim to provide an efficient, clear, non-threatening, fair and accessible mechanism for dealing with problems which arise and we aim to utilize complaints to continually improve our processes and our positive impact for a better world.

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To lodge a complaint, please email or visit our Contact page.

Gender Equality Policy

Leadership Victoria values a diverse workforce and a diverse nation. LV recognises the benefits to all humanity of gender equality, and aims to promote and progress gender equality across all genders. LV recognises that gender inequality has the potential to limit and impact negatively on the safety, education, employment, family lives and opportunities of staff, participants and other community members, and that women, girls and members of LGBTIQ communities are particularly affected.

LV recognises the prevalence and impact of gender-based discrimination and harassment, and is committed to building an organisation and nation that challenges the stereotypes, power differences and social norms that foster gender inequality. LV recognises that gender inequality is both structural and individual, and works to address individual attitudes and actions, and to foster leadership which addresses biases in structures, systems, policies and processes throughout the community.

Through policies, procedures, programs and community projects, LV seeks to address aspects of gender inequality which assign unequal value, status and power to women, men and other genders.

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