Leading Australian Resilient Communities Graduation

Community is at the heart of the Leading Australian Resilient Communities leadership program, and after attending last week’s graduation at the Morwell Innovation Centre, it’s safe to say the Gippsland community is beating at a healthy rate.

The final day of the program provided an opportunity for the 22 diverse community leaders from Central and East Gippsland to share an update on their community projects and reflect on their journey through the program.

One of the key themes we heard from the reflections of those in this session was a sentiment that leadership can look different from how it is normally depicted in media and culture. Leadership doesn’t always need to be loud. It can be from the side, rather than from the front and it works best when it’s authentic.

One of the participants put it so eloquently: Use what you have.

From all of us at Leadership Victoria, Australian Rural Leadership Foundation and Committee for Gippsland, congratulations to this group of community leaders! We’re excited to see them spread their knowledge and experiences far and wide into their communities.

Here is a little summary of the community projects:

  • Be Well Gippsland – A gentle and preventative approach for sporting clubs to self-assess their wellbeing.
  • Get Tanked – A blueprint for creating and maintaining community projects.
  • Summer Harvest – A process for connecting members and alumni from Gippsland community projects / programs.

We’re looking forward to seeing where the participants take their projects from here, and if you’d like to support or engage with any of these community projects, please get in touch by sending an email to info@leadershipvictoria.org

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