Leadership Victoria offers a limited number of scholarships for not for profit (NFP) staff and directors to undertake programs to develop their ability to lead and manage within their organisations and within the broader community.

2018 scholarship overview

Apply for a scholarship

Apply for a Williamson 2019 Scholarship*

*Note: To apply for a Williamson 2019 scholarship, complete the Williamson 2019 application form and answer the scholarship questions. You do not need to complete a separate scholarship application form.

The number and type of scholarships available, the co-contribution required from participants or their organisation, and the closing date for applications, varies for each program and is listed in the relevant program information. Applications received after the relevant closing date will not be accepted.

Scholarships are not transferable.

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must demonstrate that their application is supported by their NFP organisation which meets one of the criteria below:

  • has a charitable, community-public benefit or poverty relief purpose, as indicated by Australian Tax Office TCC and/or DGR status, or “registered charity” status
  • is a social enterprise or business (organisations using a business model to provide a social benefit) and which may not have TCC/DGR
  • other organisations with a community or public benefit purpose (generally evidenced by a “formal” governance structure, voluntary participation by members and independence from government) that do not fit the above categories

Successful applicants will be asked to commit to full attendance and participation in the program. Applicants should carefully consider the time commitment before applying – successful applicants who find they are unable to meet the requirements must forgo the scholarship. Applicants should bear in mind their moral obligation when accepting a scholarship place that others may also have benefited from that place.

For assistance with your scholarship application, contact us:
E: P: 03 9651 6590