LeaderEvolution Program

A program for mid-senior level leaders who are faced with complex leadership challenges  that require adaptive solutions.

Program Overview

LeaderEvolution, our 3-day intensive leadership program, is suited to mid-to-senior level leaders who are managing change or complexity or facing difficult problems, where technical solutions are not working or are only part of the answer. It is especially valuable for ‘modern’ leadership structures where leaders have to influence without, or with limited, authority across dispersed project teams or diverse stakeholders.

📍 CBD Melbourne | ⌚ 3 days (over 4 weeks) | From $2,935 + GST and booking / credit card fees

Who Should Enrol?
• Mid-to-senior leaders managing change and complexity, or facing stubborn problems
• Leaders working across dispersed project teams or with multiple stakeholders
• Leaders working across organisations and driving cultural change
Program Outcomes
• View challenges differently and approach problems innovatively Overcome your own and others’ default behaviours and patterns of thinking in dealing with issues and challenges
• Lead with conviction and mobilise others to successfully deliver outcomes
• Have the confidence to experiment more, and create the space for others to trial new ideas and approaches
• Close the gap between current organisational situation and organisational aspirations
• Exercise an experimental and growth mindset
• Manage yourself more effectively and sustain workplace health and performance
• Be aware of your own leadership vulnerabilities, strengths and places for growth
Program Inclusions
• A practical set of tools and strategies to apply to personal, team and organisational challenges
• 5 leadership principles and 4 core competencies – an innovative approach to problem solving
• Methodologies including Case-in-Point and Peer Case Consultation Process to progress workplace challenges
• Tools that can be used on future challenges: faction map, empathy map and framework for diagnosis Strategies to manage self and sustain performance in the workplace

Adaptive Leadership

Navigating Change

Self-Awareness & Self Care

Energising Others

Experimental Mindset

“I had adaptive problems to solve, which were more around how do I influence the strategic direction of the organisation. Rather than being stuck with the problem of how do I deliver on this project, I had to think about what skills and tools I had to be able to convince people, or challenge thinking, or influence prioritisation or their beliefs and values around the work that we were trying to deliver.“​

Lidia Stojanovski, ​Senior Manager, Transport Accident Commission (TAC)​

Program Dates 2024

Series 3 | 3, 4 & 18 September 2024

Early bird | $2,935 + GST | Enrolments close Tuesday, 16 July 2024 |

Not-for-profit | $2,935 + GST | Enrolments close Tuesday, 13 August 2024 |

Standard | $3,735 + GST | Enrolments close Tuesday, 13 August 2024 |

*Pricing exclusive of GST.

Booking and credit card fees applicable upon purchasing. NFP rate applies to individuals employed in an organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission.

Program details are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change without notice. Please view our terms and conditions which includes information about our cancellation policy. Please check with your manager or relevant person in your organisation for approval before enrolling.

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