Williamson Community Leadership Program 2016

2016 Williamson Community Leadership Program applications have now closed.


About WCLP 2016

Now in its 25th year, the Williamson Community Leadership Program (WCLP) offers one of Australia's most sought-after leadership development experiences.

WCLP provides a unique year of leadership–focused activities that are designed to develop and connect emerging leaders across sectors and generations. The program covers an outstanding selection of critical issues facing today's leaders, brought to life by seminars from renowned leaders, field trips, case studies and other activities, culminating in an end-of-year retreat.

Programs include topics such as creating a culture of innovation, developing a sustainable Australia, Australia in a globalised world, governing Australia in the 21st century, leading in a diverse community, and much more. At the conclusion of the program, participants graduate as WCLP Fellows, joining our network of Alumni.

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View information on the Williamson PLUS program (optional extra) here.

Selection is by application. Applications for 2016 have now closed.

“WCLP provided me with greater awareness of the importance of leadership. It helped me to spread new ideas through the organisation and to take The Age’s brand into a broader network with other leaders across Victoria,”

Mark Fuller (WCLP’12), Print Editor, The Age (weekdays)


What you will learn:

This rigorous ten-month experiential program uses the Harthills Leadership Development Profile, seven stages of consciousness and Harvard methodologies in adaptive leadership and group relations to examine your current leadership style, strengths and areas for development. At the same time, this unique program exposes you to a range of diverse experiences, guest speakers and contributors, including your peers in the room, to explore the social, economic and environmental issues, and their leadership challenges, which influence and impact the community and our operating environment.

Bring these two streams together in a collaborative, challenge-based learning project and workplace activities to stretch and test your leadership in action.

Using the Harthills Leadership Development Profile and seven stages of consciousness and Harvard methodologies in adaptive leadership and group relations, examine your current leadership style, strengths and areas for development.

Vision, Influence and Ethics:
Using the LV leadership framework, reflect on your experiences, values and assumptions to understand the choices you make and what is the “right thing to do”, the influences on attitudes and behaviours; and frameworks for common purpose and strategic thinking.

Community Leadership:
Explore the leadership challenges of social, economic and environmental issues facing the community; how are these challenges being addressed? Where are the gaps? What can be learnt about leadership from others’ experiences, successes and challenges? How can these leadership learnings be applied in your role, organisation and sector?

Undertake a challenge-based collaborative project to identify and address an entrenched community issue and practice applying your professional skills while exercising leadership without authority.

Understand the value of building strategic personal and professional network.

“Williamson is like a beautiful red wine – you enjoy it in the moment but if you let it breathe and sit with you for a while, it offers you many different levels of enjoyment and complexity”

Sonja Gibson, WLCP 2012.

Who should attend?

Current and high-potential leaders in established careers from all spheres of business, non-profit and government who:

  • Are seeking to broaden their horizons through a unique personal and professional development approach
  • Are identified as high potential in roles requiring more than traditional management competencies to achieve organisational objectives
  • Are open to possibilities; and have a commitment to personal and professional development, to learning from others and new experiences, and to applying their learnings in their personal and professional lives

Program inclusions:

10 month facilitated program including two full days per month and four evenings, on-site visits, two field trips, two retreats, guest speakers and professional development sessions.

You will receive:

  • Accommodation at opening and closing residential retreats
  • Accommodation and travel to field trips to regional Victoria and Canberra
  • Harthills Leadership Development Profile profiling and debriefing
  • Presentation Dinner and Graduation certificate at program conclusion
  • LV Journal
  • Pre-reading and program materials

2016 program dates:

  • Opening retreat: February 18, 19, 20
  • March 18, 19    
  • April 15, 16, and 27 (evening)
  • Regional field trip: May   13, 14
  • June 17, 18, and 29 (evening)
  • July 15, 16, &27 (evening)
  • Canberra field trip: August 17, 18
  • September 16, 17
  • October 14, 15, and 26 (evening)
  • Closing retreat: November 11, 12
  • Graduation Dinner: 26 November

2016 dates are correct at time of printing and may change.

Program fees:

The fee for this program comprises both an organisational component and a participant component:

Organisational contribution:
Standard: $13,695.00 incl. GST
NFP: $10,835.00 incl. GST

PLUS Individual contribution: $1,870.00 incl. GST

Optional Extra: WCLP PLUS: $3,245.00 incl. GST

Please note: all applications (scholarship and paid) for the 2016 Williamson Community Leadership Program have now closed.