Humans of Purpose Podcast Partnership

We are excited to announce a partnership with the Humans of Purpose podcast.

The podcast is a go to pod amongst the LV Team as it features genuine conversations about career journeys, purpose and how to create a positive social impact through work with a varied list of purposeful leaders within the local community.

The podcast Host, Mike Davis, is an active LV alumni from the 2019 Williamson Community Leadership Program and has featured a few LV alumni on the pod, including our Acting CEO Scott Ko, and Sarah Davies (CEO of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation & Williamson alum from 2004).

Each week through June and July, the Humans of purpose pod will release a new podcast focusing on the theme of purposeful leadership.

The first podcast featured Bernadette McDonald, an alum from the 2007 Williamson program. As CEO of the The Royal Children’s Hospital, Bernadette shares fascinating insights around the challenges facing the health industry, habits for managing self and being more creative in how we lead.