Testimonials | Leadership Victoria

The opportunity for self-reflection and recalibration has been worth its weight in gold. It has been a journey towards a deeper understanding of my own value system, and how authentic leadership can drive change. The program gave me an opportunity to understand the drivers of opposing and seemingly impossible positions and find common and constructive ground.

Leadership Victoria is an ever-present provocateur. Their team is always looking to create a level of discomfort, to challenge our world views, and to demonstrate how this can help develop better community leaders and positive change. Folio has really challenged me to with why I want to make a difference.

I became aware of many complex and diverse thinking leaders within the LV program. As a result, a profound learning was my personal journey, increased self-awareness of biases and blind spots, and discovering the power of regular self-reflection. This has allowed my leadership style to shift benefiting me personally and at an enterprise level.

It has been the most engaging study I have done for 20 years – I have even thoroughly enjoyed the pre-reading. It has been interesting to get an awareness of broader social challenges and deepen my understanding of leadership.

I’ve certainly grown as an individual and a leader thanks to LV…I can’t identify a single profound moment throughout the year, as each program gave so much – insight to the complexity of social issues, challenges facing the leaders trying to influence the agenda, and the unrelenting passion of those involved. Each experience left me richer.

The Williamson program is a leadership opportunity that will open your eyes to different ways of thinking rather than providing more of the same. Williamson provided me with a better way of engaging with issues and seeing other options and broadening my way of thinking. The program has made me a more effective leader, achieving better outcomes for my clients.

Williamson has allowed me to reassess and reframe my leadership journey to ensure that I am able to lead and motivate people in complex and volatile environments. I recognise that I sometimes need to be gentler on myself and step back on the balcony and enjoy the view. I have found a wonderful network of confidantes who will live in my consciousness and help me navigate my ongoing leadership journey.

For me, Williamson has highlighted the importance of people and communication in leadership. A common thread through the program was the importance of articulating your vision and understanding other people’s motivations in order to bring them along with you. This has led me to be more conscious in how I communicate with others.

Hearing from a range of leaders on some of the complex issues we are grappling with in our society has been inspiring. The willingness of the speakers to be so open with what they have learnt, their core beliefs and their leadership journeys, has been extremely thought-provoking and shaped and changed my own leadership style and approach.

There are important benefits to my organisation from participating in the Williamson Leadership Program. By Broadening our awareness and perspectives beyond our immediate workplace and comfort zones, we are far more able to challenge ourselves to be stronger leaders, and in doing this, offer far more to our clients and the community.