St Joseph's Flexible Learning Centre - Fundraisers Needed for Asylum Seeker Pilot Pathways Project

3 August 2017


Name of Organization
St Joseph's Flexible Learning Centre

Web Address

Organisation address
385 Queensberry St
North Melbourne, VIC, 3051

NFP Sector
- Asylum seeker issues
- Education and training
- Migrants
- Refugee issues

Background information
The Asylum Seeker Pilot Pathways Project (ASPPP) is a small but very successful project that is helping to overcome the barriers faced by young people seeking asylum in Victoria. It is run by St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre, a specialist secondary school. St Joseph’s Maree program has been running for three years and currently has around 70 asylum seeker or refugee students.
The ASPPP, in collaboration with the National Tertiary Education Union, Redcross and Vicsuper, has been brokering scholarships and Supported Job Placements with the tertiary education and business sectors. The ASPPP development and management is partially funded by the State Government’s Office of Multiculturalism and Citizenship.

In 2017, ASPPP helped to place 11 students into tertiary courses, including five into Bachelor level degrees on full fee scholarships. These five students have passed all of their subjects, many with Distinctions and High Distinctions.

We also have six ASPPP graduates in Supported Job Placements of 1-2 years, and are working with their employers to collaboratively provide opportunities for learning and contributing to business and government.

Unfortunately, current government policy is such that once our asylum-seeker university students gain recognition as refugees, and transfer onto a protection visa, they are denied access to all government living support, which threatens the success of their scholarships into university. St Joseph's has established a Living Support Fund, to raise significant amounts of money to replace Centrelink for these refugee university students. We need a small effective fund-raising team to organise and deliver a high-impact major event, and an effective fund-raising campaign using social media, utilising the resources we have access to, which include young asylum-seeker public speakers, video and photographic media, musicians and if necessary, middle-eastern cooks.


What outcome is your project/ organisation looking to achieve?
To develop a sustainable revenue source of around $250,000 per year, for the Living Support Fund, in order to pay a basic living allowance for up to 15 university students a year for the coming 3-5 years. Regular living support provided for all ASPP asylum seeker students who gain a university scholarship and then lose their access to Centrelink due to being recognised as refugees.

What things would you need to put in place to achieve the desired outcome?
An annual major fund-raiser event, targeting high income individuals with an interest in supporting asylum seeker- refugee education. An ongoing staff-giving program within multiple large organisations - most already in our networks.

What things might you need to develop in order to achieve the above?
A marketing plan Media/PR collateral pack for organisations to use re staff-giving campaign Online campaign communications strategy Partnership with a university - ACU?, RMIT? - for events management student involvement A major event plan and delivery

What are some of the activities you may need to do in order to produce the above things?
Liaise with marketing expert to develop plan - 3 hours x 2 Fundraising team meetings - 5 x 2 hours Train/inspire volunteer team - 3 x 2 hour training & familiarisation workshops Secure university volunteer team - leverage current networks - 8 hrs Conduct information/organisational sessions with event volunteers - 2 x 1 hr Develop running sheets, media collateral, entertainment/presentations - 20 hrs source online campaign expert volunteer Deliver event - 3 days Ongoing online engagement- including media products - through Linked-in and other avenues developed - 2 hrs per week

What is your implementation plan for the project output(s)?
The work will result in funds, to be managed and distributed by the Living Support Fund Approvals Committee, directly to refugee students on a fortnightly basis, once their Centrelink is cut. The mechanisms for this distribution are already in place.

What type of skills do you need from Leadership Victoria to assist you with the key activities?
- Event management / planning
- marketing
- Media Strategy/Public Relations
- Sponsorship / fundraising
- Volunteerism

Is there a particular time frame or key start date? If yes, please give details
Aiming to raise $100,000 by February 2018 for the start of the academic year, and a further $150,000 by July 2018 (semester 2)

Relevant supporting documents
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