Penington Institute - Volunteers required to assist in identifying organisations in the corporate sector

18 August 2017


Name of Organization
Penington Institute

Web Address

Organisation address
Penington Institute
95 Drummond Street
Carlton, VIC, 3053

NFP Sector
- Community health
- Mental health
- Youth Issues / organisations

Background information
Penington Institute actively supports the adoption of approaches to drug use which promote safety and human dignity.
Penington Institute, a not for profit organisation, grew from the rich and vibrant work of Anex and its close to 20 years experience working with people directly affected by problematic substance use.

Our aim is to help communities have more effective, cost-efficient and compassionate ways to prevent and respond to drug use problems.

We are looking for a Great Connections Volunteer to assist us develop a Corporate Sector Engagement Strategy and to advise on its implementation.

Penington Institute works with many organisations in the not for profit sector. We now require assistance to identify the organisations in the corporate sector that may be interested in working with us.
These organisations may be motivated to align with us because they offer products and services which are part of the solutions we support such as crime prevention and health treatments service the same demographic group such as training institutions or have CSR objectives which could be satisfied by supporting our work.
The Great Connections Volunteer will work with us assist us to identify these organisations in the corporate sector and then help us develop a strategy to work more closely with them. We work with issues which are highly stigmatized and in developing the strategy the Great Connections Volunteer will need to assist us address the potential resistance we may experience from because of this stigma.


What outcome is your project/ organisation looking to achieve?
We have identified 20 organisations in the corporate sector which could be interested in working with us and we have developed a strategy to develop relationships with these organisations. We have proceeded to implement the strategy and adjusted the strategy as required.

What things would you need to put in place to achieve the desired outcome?
Not applicable.

What things might you need to develop in order to achieve the above?
We will need to make staff available to work with the Great Connections Volunteer and to develop and implement the strategy.

What are some of the activities you may need to do in order to produce the above things?
6 to 8 x 1.5 hour meetings plus the time spent searching for aligned corporates

What is your implementation plan for the project output(s)?
• A project group will be established including the CEO, the Senior Communications Advisor, a Project Officer and the Great Connections Volunteer. • 3 meetings will occur over a 6 week period to identify the relevant organisations and to develop a strategy for approaching each organisation. • A Penington Institute Project Officer will coordinate the implement of the strategy. • The Project Group will meet every 6 weeks during the implementation phase to review progress and adjust the strategy as required.

What type of skills do you need from Leadership Victoria to assist you with the key activities?
- Marketing and Advertising
- Media Strategy/Public Relations
- Relationship Management
- Social enterprise

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