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Rachael has recently been captivated by the potential of Design for impacting the community and has been attending talks at RMIT’s Design Hub.  We’ve seen two stand out presentations so far from FutureGov’s Dominic Campbell, titled “Well that’s all very *nice* but now how do we change the world,” and design futuryst Dr Stuart Candy’s “Be the Change You Can and Simulate the Rest”.  The next on our list is “May the Force Be With You – service design for invisible connections” from Dr Andy Polaine, with pop culture references and a focus on bridging silos, this one is sure to be exciting.  Sign up as a free DESIS lab member to receive notifications about their events.

The Global Implementation Conference took place in Washington DC last week with plenary sessions from the giants in the field Profs Dean Fixsen and Richard Catalano, as well as Annette Michaux and Melbourne’s own Dr Robyn Mildon of the Parenting Research Centre presenting sessions; this event is certainly something to catch up on.  Having seen Dr Mildon present previously at the Australian Implementation Conference (resources still up and due to run again in 2014), the importance of implementation research and practice in having greater social impact really strikes a chord: “. . . in some analyses, the quality with which the intervention is implemented has been as strongly related to recidivism effects as the type of program, so much so that a well-implemented intervention of an inherently less efficacious type can outperform a more efficacious one that is poorly implemented.” Lipsey et al (2010).  Twitter: #GIC2013 @GlobalImplement @AIC2014 @robynmildon


Newsletters and Blogs

The Centre for Social Impact Blogs– CSI blogs serve as a remarkable source of new information and a forum for constructive discussion. Twitter: @CSIsocialimpact – US-based, GOOD describe themselves as “a global community of, by, and for pragmatic idealists working towards individual and collective progress”.  We’ve signed up for their newsletter, The Daily GOOD, and receive easily digestible inspiration on social good activities from around the globe, here’s a great example.

Several of us in the LV office are self-confessed Twitter addicts and our attraction can be neatly summed up in a great grab from Newsroom and West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin as “a belief in social media as a real force multiplier in change.”  You still may be asking ‘why Twitter?’ and we have stumbled across a blog post for you: Twitter 101.

Meet the Marchers – AARP talks to six of the marchers from Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s Washington DC demonstration.  In the week of the 50th anniversary of Dr King’s ‘I have a Dream’ speech, this is a fantastic look at how participating on that historical day has shaped lives and inspired ongoing commitment to social justice.  Rachael attended Recognise’s moving and inspiring reflection of this speech on 28th August in an oration from Mark Yettica-Paulson, a long established leader in the movement for Constitutional recognition, who shared his ‘Big Dreaming’ for Australia, video should be available soon on their website.  2013 marks 21 years since the landmark civil rights campaign of Eddie Koiki Mabo ended in the High Court ruling recognising the traditional land rights of Indigenous Australians and 20 years since the introduction of the Native Title Act (Cth).  Mabo Day, June 3rd, is a public holiday in Queensland and the Torres Strait Islands.  The lives of Bonita and Eddie Mabo are extraordinary inspirations for advocates of large-scale social change.  Campaigns for recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continues today with the Aboriginal Tent Embassy maintaining a presence at Old Parliament House (41 Years since the first protests on that site). Twitter: @recogniseAU #MLKrecognise

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