Leadership for NFP Boards: our approach

Leadership skills are fundamental for high performing NFP board members in understanding their board role and how they should fulfil it. It's the director dynamics around the board table and how this influences decision making which requires leadership at its best.

While our NFP board leadership programs provide an overview of the technical requirements of the role (legal, financial and risk management), we focus on the all-important leadership and dynamics of a board role: including motivation, behaviour, culture, performance, communication, strategy development and decision-making. We have a unique offering in this area, which needs to be demonstrated and experienced, and cannot be taught through technical workshops, checklists and fact sheets alone.

Our suite of NFP board leadership programs encourage, empower and equip leaders to fulfil NFP board roles skilfully and with confidence.  

Learn more about our Orientation toNFP Board Leadership Program (June 2017).

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