Driving Change 2016

This full-day practical masterclass focuses on adaptive leadership techniques to help you understand and overcome the mindset and behaviours that prevent change. 

In this masterclass you will:

  • Master tools and techniques to help you and your team adapt in a complex and rapidly changing world
  • Learn how to apply the award-winning Immunity to Change process
  • Help your team and/or organisation overcome obstacles, in order to achieve goals and make collective change

Designed for:

  • People who are leading change processes within an organisation
  • Individuals who seek to overcome the barriers to change that exist within themselves and in others
  • Executives, managers, team leaders and supervisors
  • Decision-makers or project managers who may not directly manage others
  • HR and organisational development professionals
  • Board directors
  • Individuals seeking to develop their abilities to effectively manage situations involving change

  Eventbrite - Driving Change - Series 2

Why is change difficult? Why do so many change projects fail?

Competing goals and big assumptions can stand in the way of successful change and achieving goals.

Throughout the program, we'll explore why people are resistant to change and how to apply Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey's Immunity to Change Process®. This is explained in article by the pair, published in the Harvard Business Review (November 2001): The Real Reason People Won’t Change.

The Driving Change program will help individuals and teams overcome this resistance to change within themselves, and to use this knowledge to help solve problems for their organisations. After closely examining and learning how to overcome resistance to change in themselves and others, participants will leave with tools and techniques to apply in the workplace the very next day.

Leadership Victoria’s full-day masterclass will provide a vertical development opportunity as you are exposed to new ideas, experiences and ways of thinking. Our Driving Change masterclass will challenge and extend your skills and thinking in the following areas:

  • Understanding Change: understand the conscious and subconscious change process and why many people  resist change
  • Adaptive Leadership: understand the difference between adaptive and technical leadership, and how to apply adaptive leadership to change management
  • Change Style Indicator: Through the application of this psychometric profile, build an appreciation of your own preferred style in approaching change and in addressing situations involving change.
  • Kegan and Lahey's Immunity to Change Process®: Learn how to work with a unique coaching model to identify the mindset and behaviours which become the barriers to change and  develop a pathway to overcome these barriers and implement change successfully

Benefits to your organisation

The advantages of the Driving Change masterclass aren’t limited to your own leadership skills and ability. Your organisation will gain:

  • A new approach to change management and overcoming barriers to change
  • Enhanced self-awareness and skills of its leaders
  • Practical skills that can be applied across the organisation
  • Develop new cross-sectoral networks


Tony Matthews, Manager Leadership Development, trained by Dr. Lisa Lahey from Harvard University, creator of the Immunity to Change Process®, brings a wealth of facilitation experience to the Driving Change masterclass.

9.00am – 5.00pm, Wednesday 14 September 2016

Cost (incl. GST)
Early Bird: $660.00 (closes Monday 15 August) 
NFP: $660.00
Standard: $880.00

Eventbrite - Driving Change - Series 2

Optional extra: Driving Change PLUS

Coaching is an optional component of the Driving Change program. Coaching presents an opportunity for participants to further explore their Immunity to Change map, develop an action plan focussing on their areas for development and to work directly with a qualified professional development coach to achieve these outcomes.

Single coaching session: $400.00 +GST

Three session package: An individual debrief on the Immunity to Change model and two coaching sessions post program. $1,000 +GST

Eventbrite - Driving Change - Series 2

Did you attend Driving Change Series 1 in April and want to book your Driving Change PLUS package? Click here.


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