Customised Board Evaluations

Governance in community organisations has a unique set of challenges and opportunities, as well as the potential to provide enormous benefits to the community.

In a rapidly changing operating environment, and one which is becoming increasingly competitive, community organisations can distinguish themselves by developing best-practice governance. A robust evaluation and development program is vital to developing high performing boards.

Leadership Victoria (LV) offers a range of Board Development and Support Programs to support NFP boards achieve the vision and mission of their community organisations.

As well as our own expert team, LV provides access to an extensive network of pro-bono speakers and subject matter experts who are experienced professionals holding current board roles in both non-profit and corporate organisations, who are willing to share their experience and provide personal and practical examples of what works and what doesn’t.

Sample Facilitated Board Evaluation Process

LV will conduct a rigorous and thorough evaluation designed and delivered to meet the board’s needs, using the following process:



Pre-meeting: Chair and/or CEO and/or Governance Sub Committee:

This meeting can be scheduled on acceptance of proposal

Initial discussions with LV will be used to consider the current perspectives of and about the board, and will set the direction and process for the board review, including determining the process for interviews to support the online questionnaires.

Board meeting observation:

Attend next available board meeting following Chair/CEO meeting

LV facilitator will observe a board meeting and include observations with the analysis of questionnaires and interviews in the final report.

Effectiveness Questionnaire: Whole Board Evaluation

Questionnaire can be administered on receipt of board member email addresses; allow 2 weeks’ window for completion of questionnaire by board members.

Phone interviews to be scheduled for the fortnight following questionnaire completion date

An “effectiveness” questionnaire will be administered to board members to evaluate the whole board’s strengths and development opportunities.

The Board will provide LV with Board member email addresses. LV will administer the questionnaires online and collate the results.

In addition, telephone or face-to-face interviews can be arranged with all or a sample of board members. LV recommends telephone interviews for logistical purposes.

Evaluation Report

Allow two weeks for preparation of report following completion of interviews.

A confidential report on the outcomes of the questionnaires, including recommendations for action and development, will be compiled and presented to the board. This report will be considered by the board and utilised in the development of a “whole board” action plan.

Facilitated Board Session:

To be scheduled on completion of report.

A facilitated session with all board members will be held to review the outcomes of the review report and agree an action plan. The content for the session will be customized in conjunction with the Chair, CEO and board to ensure it addresses the needs identified in the report.

Additional development sessions:

Additional development sessions targeting specific areas identified in the action plan can be developed on request.

Board Assessment Questionnaire

LV offers several options in terms of the assessment questionnaire used. These include:

  • Standard: LV utilizes an assessment tool based on the Office for the Community Sector’s Governance Capability Framework questionnaire
  • Customised: LV can either customize the standard questionnaire, or develop a new questionnaire, to meet the specific needs and objectives of the board, i.e. to align with the board’s governance capability framework

Outcomes: Facilitated Board Evaluation Process

Depending on the identified areas for development, outcomes for the board and board members may include:

  • Assessment of the current performance and direction of the board and identification of areas for development
  • Assessment of the current skills of board members and identification of individual development opportunities
  • Development of a skills matrix for the board to assist with recruitment and succession planning
  • Connecting board members with LV’s networks for ongoing support, and information about governance programs, events and networking opportunities

LV's NFP Experience

Leadership Victoria has 25 years’ experience working with NFPs, not only through participants in our leadership development programs, but also through our social impact projects and NFP membership of GreatConnections. Through GreatConnections, we assist in the recruitment of board members to NFP boards, provide pro-bono board mentors and other volunteers. GreatConnections currently has around 350 NFP organization members.

In addition, LV provides customized programs for NFP boards, from board leadership development programs (including to Victorian State Sporting Associations through the Department of Sport and Recreation), to board reviews and facilitated board development and planning sessions (including to the University of Melbourne’s Graduate Student Association).

We have commenced a project with National Disability Services to provide a customized board leadership program and a complementary Board Mentor program, to NDS member organizations.

Examples of other projects, and/or referees, can be provided on request.