Creative Leadership Series

Creative Leadership Series: Taking you from Possibilities to Innovative Solutions

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This Series of four programs includes:

· Leading Teams in Applied Creativity and Innovation: 12 August
Lead your people creatively to inspire innovation and advance change
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· Critical and Creative Thinking for Productive Leadership: 15 September
Learn the importance and skill of thinking about thinking for successful leadership
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· Serious Creativity: Applying de Bono Thinking Tools: 14 October
Begin to use proven practical thinking systems that promote frontline innovation
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· Thinking Strategically - Imagineering Your Organisation: 13 November
All successful people are big dreamers, who work every day to achieve their distant goals
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When: 9am - 5pm

Where: JJ Clark Room, Level 1 Old Treasury Building, Spring Street, Melbourne


Facilitator: Bill Jarrard, founder of Mindwerx

Theodore Levitt said “the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”. This has never been truer. The challenge for leaders is to provide their people with the wherewithal to creatively explore and develop potential opportunities faster and with greater success.

Whether they are in the private, government, or civic sector, leaders at all levels need to be able to inspire and unleash the creative genius and intellectual capital within their organisation.

Leadership Victoria’s Creative Leadership Series have been designed as stand-alone professional development programs, as well as an unfolding series of workshops that build into a complete creative leadership mastery program. These programs help develop leaders for today and tomorrow.

And the benefits to your organisation are significant as you see creative leaders in action – solving problems faster, increasing overall productivity, turning ideas into solutions, engaging the workforce to collaborate and contribute, and realizing possibilities never before seen.

A Series of Inspirational and Practical Programs

Whether you attend one, two, or all of these programs, you will be involved in a fast paced, interactive, content rich learning experience. You will be participating with other leaders from all sectors of the community – private, government and civic, and the connections you make will be significant and enduring.

Per Masterclass:
Standard: $850 (+ GST)
Early Bird: $600 (+ GST)
NFP: $490 (+GST)

Series of Four Masterclasses:
Standard: $3289(+ GST)
Early Bird: $2519 (+ GST)
NFP: $1859 (+GST)

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