2019 Williamson Community Leadership Program

One of Australia’s most sought-after leadership development experiences, the Williamson program enters its 30th year in 2019.

Williamson provides a unique year of leadership progress. The program is a deep-dive into leadership character, an eclectic and challenging advancement of leadership strategy, and an exploration of the vital issues facing your organisation and all Australians. This rigorous experience develops and connects leaders across sectors and generations.

The program covers an outstanding selection of critical issues facing today's leaders, brought to life by seminars from renowned leaders, field trips, case studies and other activities that culminate in an end-of-year retreat. Williamson lasts well beyond the year: your Williamson cohort typically works with you for decades post-program, and the LV network opens doors with key decision makers across Victoria and around the world.

Expressions of interest in the 2019 Williamson Community Leadership Program are now open. Register your interest by emailing

Applications for the 2019 program will open 15 August and close 30 September 2018.

Are you ready to:

  • Lead in our rapidly changing world?
  • Examine and test your values, worldviews and assumptions?
  • Step up and lead positive change – with and without formal authority?
  • Build your leadership capabilities to meet twenty-first century challenges?
  • Commit to exploring new ways of thinking?
  • Build new networks beyond your area of professional practice?
  • Apply your leadership to make a difference in your organisation and the community?

If so, Williamson is for you.  Your life will never be the same.  Your organisation will never look back.

"Williamson opened a Pandora's box of frightening issues, conflicting morals and very worthy lessons." Paul Eleftheriou (WCLP17), Austin Health

Embrace the challenge 

Through this unique, experiential ten-month program, Williamson will equip you to tackle contemporary leadership challenges.

Alumni mostly lead complex organisations and initiatives, and are frequently instrumental in business, government and community progress. They lead with unparalleled depth and breadth of wisdom. Their organisations succeed in new ways.

In Williamson, you will undergo a unique learning experience addressing the emerging social, economic and environmental issues of the coming years and decades.

But the experience goes much further. You will dig deep into yourself: examine your values, examine your worldviews and assumptions. You will prepare yourselves for leading change, for leading with authority and - even more importantly - leading where you have no authority but where Australia needs leaders to step up and create change.

Where will your leadership journey take you?

Program Topics 

The program includes topics such as;

  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Developing a sustainable Australia
  • Australia in a globalised world
  • Governing Australia in the 21st century
  • Leading in a diverse community, and much more.

At the conclusion of the program, participants graduate as Williamson fellows, joining our network of more than 1300 alumni.

Program Inclusions 

Williamson is a focused year-long leadership experience, that includes;

  • 26 facilitated learning sessions (4 evenings, 2 full days per month)
  • Four-star resort single accommodation including all-meals at Opening Retreat, Closing Retreat and field trips
  • Overnight field trip to regional Victoria, including transport, accommodation and meals
  • Flights, accommodation and meals at two-day field trip to Canberra
  • Behind-the-scenes Parliament House experience and meeting with Ministers and Party Leaders in Canberra
  • Psychometric tests, Leadership Profiling and Harvard’s Immunity to Change profiling
  • Over 80 guest speakers sharing practical insights and their own leadership journey
  • All pre-reading and program materials
  • Graduation Dinner
  • Longitudinal profiling post program to evaluate the impact of the  program experience

Williamson Intensive (optional add-on)

Williamson Intensive is designed to improve your personal progression, through coaching and mentoring. Each Williamson Intensive participant will be matched with a coach and a mentor, providing opportunity to personally explore Williamson topics and leadership theories. It further leverages your leadership learnings, providing individual support to integrate your learnings into your workplace, and augmenting core program content.  

Provisional program dates: 2019*

*These dates are based on the 2018 program and are subject to change.

Program #


Date (2019)

Program 1

Opening Retreat
Williamson 2018 Welcome Event

Thu 14 Feb to Sat 16 Feb
Wed 27 Feb

Program 2

Day 1: Australia’s Economic Prosperity
Day 2: Ethical Leadership

Fri 22 Mar
Sat 23 Mar

Program 3

Day 1: Leadership and the Carbon Footprint
Day 2: How our Values Shape our Leadership
Evening Program

Fri 26 Apr
Sat 27 Apr
Wed 1 May

Program 4

Day 1: A Rural and Regional Context
Day 2: A Rural and Regional Context

Fri 17 May
Sat 18 May

Program 5

Day 1: Social Cohesion and Cultural Diversity
Day 2: Immunity to Change
Evening Program

Fri 21 Jun
Sat 22 Jun
Wed 26 Jun

Program 6

Day 1: Influencing the Agenda
Day 2: Going Back to Go Forward
Evening Program

Fri 19 Jul
Sat 20 Jul
Wed 31 Jul

Program 7

Canberra field trip
Dates subject to change pending release of 2019 Parliament sitting calendar

Wed 14 Aug
Thu 15 Aug

Program 8

Evening Program
Day 1: Optimising Health and Wellbeing
Day 2: Group Relations and Dynamics

Wed 4 Sept
Fri 13 Sept
Sat 14 Sept

Program 9

Day 1: Law and Order - A Just Society
Day 2: Stories we hear and the stories we tell
Evening Program

Fri 11 Oct
Sat 12 Oct
Wed 23 Oct

Program 10

Closing Retreat

Fri 8 Nov 
to Sat 9 Nov


Presentation Dinner

Wed 20 Nov

Program Fees

Williamson fees are structured so that there is an organisational and an individual component.

There will be a slight (CPI) price increase for 2019, however, we are happy to hold 2018 prices for any organisation that would like to pay before 30 June 2018.

2018 Williamson Fee (excludes GST)




NFP Organisation*

NFP Individual*











All prices are ex-GST.

*Rate for small not-for-profits
We understand that some non-profit organisations may ask for non-profit rates on our services.    

We are pleased to help as best we can, noting that we too are a non-profit with many calls on our resources and we make many pro-bono contributions to many causes.

We are pleased to automatically offer special rates to charitable non-profit organisations with an annual turnover less than $10M, as well as (usually) to smaller non-charitable non-profits with an external (i.e. not member-focused) purpose for a better world in the social, economic or environmental spheres.  

Our non-profit rates are not automatically offered to very large organisations (above $10M), nor to every type of non-profit organisation: we can on request consider other types of non-profits (sporting clubs, member and professional associations, industry associations).

A limited number of scholarships are available for individuals from smaller NFP organisations who meet the eligibility criteria. Learn more.

One Williamson scholarship will be awarded through the Disability Leadership Program. Details will be provided once scholarship applications open.

More Information 

Psychometric Tests

Terms and Conditions

What our alumni say

“There are important benefits to my organisation from participating in the Williamson program. By broadening our awareness and perspectives beyond our immediate workplace and comfort zones, we are far more able to challenge ourselves to be stronger leaders, and in doing this, offer far more to our clients and the community." Anthony Coops (WCLP'12), Partner, KPMG

 “Listening and understanding the stories of such a diverse range of leaders has been so enriching and challenging. Many of them will stay with me forever and remind me of the importance of leaders knowing their own stories and staying true to their values which I will continue to strive to do.” Rosie Wheen (WCLP'15), Director of International Programs, WaterAid Australia

 “Whilst the issues-focussed Friday programs were an eye- opener it was the ‘immunity to change’ leadership day that resonated most with me. The opportunity to self-reflect on my individual immunities to change and consider the impact and benefits of increased self-awareness to me as an individual and my organisation was profound.” Grant Cosgriff (WCLP'15), Executive Director, Triathlon Victoria 

“Beyond being a truly uplifting and humbling experience with a fabulous cohort, the Williamson Community Leadership Program has helped me find authenticity in all aspects of life. For that I will be forever grateful.” David Campbell (WCLP’13), Consultant, Egon Zehnder