2019 Folio Community Leadership Program

What will be your legacy?

Folio is an intense learning experience that will challenge the intellectually curious and delight open-minded explorers who want to move into a portfolio career as the next step after significant professional success.


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About the program

Being a senior leader in your own technical field of expertise is no longer enough. So are you ready to grow and be challenged?

Folio, our senior flagship program, is an intensive seven month program for senior leaders with well-established careers seeking to take the next step to broaden their portfolio of leadership skills and leverage their contribution and legacy in their organisational role and beyond.

The program offers a deep dive into social, economic and environmental issues to consider leadership in a context bigger than role, leadership development days to broaden our own self-awareness and networking events to enhance opportunities.    

This experiential program based on the Williamson format includes an opening and closing residential retreat, a series of monthly workshops and seminars, two evening sessions and a formal program graduation to the LV Alumni. Drawing on the experience of our expert facilitator, a range of dynamic guest speakers and a diverse group of peers in the room, you will explore: leadership; vision, influence and ethics; community leadership; collaboration; and networks.

A key learning component is undertaking a collaborative project focusing on real-world community issues. This collaborative group project will be for the life of the program and beyond, providing the opportunity to develop and apply collaboration, community leadership and communication skills.

Participatory program planning is a unique element of Folio -  Participants will work directly with Leadership Victoria to design and implement several program experiences that are important and relevant to the program group.

Folio provides the ultimate networking opportunity with participants drawn from senior roles across the government, corporate and community sectors; enabling participants to connect and converse with other leaders from different perspectives and backgrounds to solve complex problems; and consider how they can continue to leverage their leadership skills for positive impact beyond their professional career.

Who should attend?

Executives and Senior leaders in well-established careers from all spheres of business, non-profit and government who?

  • Are seeking to broaden their horizons through a unique personal and professional development approach
  • Are intellectually curious and open-minded explorers who want to be challenged and learn from new experiences
  • Are change agents who want to make an impact, and leave a lasting legacy, in their organisation
  • Have a genuine interest in civic engagement and the desire to be proactive.

Program inclusions

  • Accommodation for opening and closing retreats
  • Return transport from  Melbourne CBD and accommodation for Regional field trip
  • Harthills Leadership Development Profiling and debrief
  • LV Journal
  • Presentation Dinner and graduation

Program outcomes

  • An exploration of the impact and complexity of critical strategic issues, including technological disruption, social fragmentation, environmental sustainability and erosion of institutional trust
  • Clarity of purpose and a vision for your leadership in the broader Australian and global community
  • A deeper knowledge of your leadership character and your personal purpose
  • An outstanding network of peers that will provide mutual support for decades
  • A clear pathway to achieve positive leadership impact and leave a lasting legacy

Program dates

2019 Program


Important dates



Opening Retreat

16 to 18 May

The context of community leadership and the role of values in Leadership. What is happening in the world that requires community leadership? What are the possibilities for us to contribute? We also explore the concept of transitions and a process for working through major life transitions. Of course this is also an opportunity for the participants to get to know each other and begin the process of bonding as a group and establishing some deep friendships.

Welcome Event

5 June (Evening)

Leadership in Sport

Monthly Program

21 June

Leadership Identity: Working with the Seven Transformations of Leadership. Individual LDF profiles and approaches to managing self and increasing mindfulness and self-awareness, including our own immunities to change.

Monthly Program

26 July

Social Cohesion: A deep dive into what creates cohesion in communities and the impact of exclusion.

Evening Program

31 July  Williamson and Folio Mid-Winter

The Role of Business in Community Leadership (combined event with Williamson Community Leadership Program).

Monthly Program

23 and 24 Aug Regional overnight Field Trip

Experiencing Indigenous culture and understanding the complexity of Indigenous issues in Australia.

Evening Program

4 September - Combined Williamson and Folio Event   

Who Gets Left Behind?: Sharing dinner and experiences with some homeless people.

Monthly Program

20 Sept

The Environment: The environment, climate change and human impact. How do we mobilise people to take responsibility for the planet?

Evening Program

9 Oct

Monthly Program

25 Oct

Economic Prosperity: The haves and the have-nots. To what extent is Australia an egalitarian society?

Closing Retreat

15 and 16 Nov

Leading to Learn. Taking a post-conventional frame into our leadership work to make the world a better place. Making commitments to community leadership into the future.

Presentation Dinner


20 Nov



* Unless otherwise indicated, the program session will be held in the JJ Clark Room, Old Treasury Building, 20 Spring Street Melbourne, or at a relevant, topical organisation within the city of Melbourne.

Program fees

The program fee comprises both an organisational contribution and a participant contribution.

   Organisational Fee Individual Fee  Total 
Standard (corporate / government) $8,500 + GST $950 $9,450 +GST
Not-for-profit# $7,200 + GST $950 $8,150 +GST
- - $8,150 +GST

#Not-for-profit (NFP) is defined as registered charitable or similar standalone for-purpose organisation usually under $10M p.a. NFP does not include hospitals or any government department, authority or business enterprise.

*Self-employed/consultant: If you are solely self-employed (i.e. are not employed or contracted substantially within a larger organisation or group and do not yourself employ anyone else other than incidental administration support), the total investment is $7,275 +GST. Please contact us if you seek clarification.


Limited scholarships available (criteria apply)

A full Scholarship is available for this program for $950 + GST individual contribution and two part scholarships at $3000 + GST. 

More information about the scholarship requirements, eligibility, application process and closing dates can be found here.

Scholarship applications can be made on-line here.

Please note that only successful scholarship recipients are guaranteed a place in the program.

Optional: Folio Plus

Some participants are keen to further explore some of the models of particular relevance to their situation in an individual rather than group setting. To cater for this, we now offer a customised extension package: Folio Plus, a package of additional 1:1 support which further leverages your leadership learnings, providing individual support to integrate your learnings into your workplace, and augmenting core program content.
Folio Plus comprises three coaching sessions, plus a one-on-one Leadership Development Framework (LDF) debrief, plus an additional (longitudinal) administration and one-on-one debrief of the LDF, following the Folio Plus individual program.

Folio Plus option (includes coaching, mentoring and longitudinal psychometric retesting)

Standard $4,560 + GST
NFP $3,765 + GST

Optional: You may opt to be matched with an LV alumnus for 1:1 mentoring sessions.

Download our snapshot 2019 Folio Community Leadership brochure here

More Information:

2019 Folio Information evenings:

Join the LV team and Folio program alumni for an interactive and engaging session to hear first-hand about the Folio program, its outcomes and impact, from those who have been part of it.

Who should attend?

Executives and Senior leaders in well-established careers from all spheres of business, non-profit and government who are interested in the program and Leadership development specialists.


Wed, 5 Dec 2018 – 5:45pm for a 6:00pm start (conclude 7.30). Register your interest here (free). 

Wed, 6 Feb 2019 - 5:45pm for a 6:00pm start (conclude 7.30). Register your interest here (free).

Refreshments provided.


JJ Clark Room

Level 1, Old Treasury Building

20 Spring Street 


Download our Folio Community Leadership brochure 

Contact us for a copy of the program brochure: or call 03 9651 6590

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