2018 Folio


Folio is an intense learning experience that will challenge the intellectually curious and delight open-minded explorers who want to move into a portfolio career as the next step after significant professional success.


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Applications close midnight, Sunday 25 February 2018

Who the Program is for

Folio is for accomplished professionals, with a breadth of career exposure 15 years+ in executive and c-suite level roles, who are looking for ways to deploy their skills, experiences, interests and values to create positive social impact.  

About the Program

Folio will provoke and agitate your values, beliefs, philosophies and prejudices, and push you to re-evaluate who you are and what impact you wish to impart.

Folio is based on the principles of our renowned Williamson Program.  Folio is an intense seven-month, interactive and experiential development program that takes participants on a “deep dive” experience into leadership practice.

The program will expose you to a remarkable cross-section of contemporary leaders who will unveil issues from a variety of perspectives. You will hear their frank opinions and have the opportunity to explore, consider and challenge. A greater awareness of the complexity of community issues, many of which may not have previously been on your ‘radar’, will be exposed and you will gain an appreciation for how leaders are tackling them.  One of the greatest outcomes of Folio is being part of a network of other highly-accomplished senior leaders from across the government, corporate and community sectors, whom will become life-long supporters and enablers of your journey.

Program Outcomes

  • An exploration of the impact and complexity of critical strategic issues, including technological disruption, social fragmentation, environmental sustainability and erosion of institutional trust
  • Clarity of purpose and a vision for your leadership in the broader Australian and global community
  • A deeper knowledge of your leadership character and your personal purpose
  • An outstanding network of peers that will provide mutual support for decades
  • A clear pathway to achieve positive leadership impact and leave a lasting legacy

Folio 2018 Program Dates

* Unless otherwise indicated, the program session will be held in the JJ Clark Room, Old Treasury Building, 20 Spring Street Melbourne, or at a relevant, topical organisation within the city of Melbourne.

Program Fees

The program fee comprises both an organisational contribution and a participant contribution.

   Organisational Fee Individual Fee  Total 
Standard (corporate / government) $7,500 $900 $8,400 +GST
Not-for-profit# $6,375 $900 $7,275 +GST
- - $7,275 +GST

#Not-for-profit (NFP) is defined as registered charitable or similar standalone for-purpose organisation usually under $10M p.a. NFP does not include hospitals or any government department, authority or business enterprise.

*Self-employed/consultant: If you are solely self-employed (i.e. are not employed or contracted substantially within a larger organisation or group and do not yourself employ anyone else other than incidental administration support), the total investment is $7,275 +GST. Please contact us if you seek clarification.

Optional: Folio Plus

Some participants are keen to further explore some of the models of particular relevance to their situation in an individual rather than group setting. To cater for this, we now offer a customised extension package: Folio Plus, a package of additional 1:1 support which further leverages your leadership learnings, providing individual support to integrate your learnings into your workplace, and augmenting core program content.
Folio Plus comprises three coaching sessions, plus a one-on-one Leadership Development Framework (LDF) debrief, plus an additional (longitudinal) administration and one-on-one debrief of the LDF, following the Folio Plus individual program.

Folio Plus option (includes coaching, mentoring and longitudinal psychometric retesting)

  • Standard $3,990 + GST
  • NFP/Individual $3,690 + GST

Optional: You may opt to be matched with an LV alumnus for 1:1 metoring sessions.

More Information

Contact us for a copy of the program brochure: or call 03 9651 6590

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