Leadership Victoria's unique development programs draw on the best leadership development research and practice from around the world.

Our programs help you and your team/organisation:

  • Become a more experienced leader
  • Learn how to lead with and without authority
  • Create value for your organisation to make it a better world
  • Support the broader role of your business and its impact
  • Build strong networks across sectors and industries
  • Gain a wise and well-balanced perspective for exceptional leadership
  • Build the knowledge to make big picture decisions, with real-world impact
  • Develop the tools, drive and mindset for organisational and personal success
  • Create connections with others to ensure the right people and partners are there to make it happen
  • Use all of this to imagine a better world through an holistic approach to exceptional leadership

Why do our graduates consistently describe our leadership programs as "life-changing", "transformational" and the best professional development they have undertaken?

Because not only do our unique development programs draw on the best leadership development research and practice from around the world; they also include both horizontal (technical skill development) and vertical development (increasing the capacity to learn) opportunities and activities. Vertical learning and acquired diversity occur through exposure to new and diverse experiences, people and ideas.

This combination of a rigorous leadership framework, specialist facilitation team, access to an extensive range of diverse guest speakers, interactive and engaging adult learning techniques, self-reflection and peer support, provide a unique development experience with enduring impact.

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2019 Williamson Community Leadership Program

The leadership experience for the leaders of tomorrow.

This rigorous year-long experiential program includes an opening and closing residential retreat, a series of monthly workshops and seminars, evening sessions, field trips to regional Victoria and Canberra, and a formal program graduation.

2018 Start Leading

We’re excited to open applications for our new tailored leadership development program for start-up founders, first hires and managers – Start Leading.

2018 Finding Your Leadership Edge

We believe leadership is an activity not a position. As part of Finding Your Leadership Edge learn how to be better a better leader and take your team and the issues you are passionate about forward. 

2018 Igniting Leadership Program

Are you ready to lead? Explore the essentials of leadership; and gain the insights, critical skills, strategies and confidence to move from team member to effective leader for improved personal, team and organisational performance. Be inspired, challenged and supported to identify your strengths and how to leverage them for leadership impact. You won’t look back.

2018 Developing Self, Leading Others

Develop your self-awareness, expose yourself to new ways of thinking, and create behavioural change to develop your skills as a leader.

2018 African Leadership Development Program

African Leadership Development Program (ALDP). The ALDP provides an outstanding opportunity for emerging African Australian leaders to develop their leadership skills in order to contribute to community development.

2018 Women's Leadership Program

Over three-day intensive, inspirational female leaders will come together to share their leadership experiences, their personal and professional stories and empower you to reach your full leadership potential.

2018 New & Emerging Communities: Women's Leadership Program

The New and Emerging Communities Leadership Program (NECLP) provides an outstanding opportunity for potential and current leaders from new and emerging communities across Victoria to build their leadership skills and capacity - to contribute to community development.

Disability Leadership Program

The Disability Leadership Program aims to support Victorians with a disability to become influential community members and leaders. The program will offer networking, mentoring, role shadowing and scholarships for Victorians with a disability to gain valuable leadership development and governance training.

2018 Folio

This 7-month experiential program is a focused learning opportunity for those who seek a portfolio career beyond their current working status. Designed as a flow on program from Williamson, it provides a deep, immersive development opportunity to refine your leadership skills for use outside your line of authority.

2018 LGBTI Leadership Program

The Victorian Government is continuing support for LGBTI communities, announcing a ground breaking new LGBTI leadership program. Minister for Equality Martin Foley announced the Victorian LGBTI Leadership Program will be developed and delivered through Leadership Victoria, in consultation with an LGBTI advisory group.

Customised Programs

Leadership Victoria can work with your organisation, board or business association to develop a tailored program to meet the development needs of your organisation.

For maximum impact, we can tailor and deliver our leadership development, facilitation, mentoring, NFP board and other services and programs to your team, organisation, board; or through your peak body or association, by arrangement.

Duration, scheduling and content of sessions will be determined in consultation with you. Contact us for more information.


Through the LV Foundation and the support of Pitcher Partners, Leadership Victoria offers a limited number of scholarships for not for profit (NFP) staff and directors to undertake programs to develop their ability to lead and manage within their organisations and within the broader community.

Customised Board Evaluations

Leadership Victoria (LV) offers a range of Board Development and Support Programs to support NFP boards achieve the vision and mission of their community organisations.

Psychometric Profiling

We offer a range of in-house psychometric profiling, 360 Degree Assessment and other feedback services to assist and support your leadership development or coaching programs. We work with you to determine the most appropriate instrument to meet the objectives of your self, your team’s or your organisation’s requirements.

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Disability Leadership Program List

The Disability Leadership Program will assist you to gain the skills and knowledge to progress your leadership ambitions. The program offers a suite of leadership training options that you can choose from to meet your specific needs.

FAQs Disability Leadership Program

Responses to commonly asked questions regarding the program