1. LV exists to create a better world by fostering leadership for progress on complex issues.

2. LV believes a ‘better world’ is a world in which human wellbeing, consciousness and potential is maximised, and in which the natural environment is appropriately and sustainably maintained.

3. LV endorses the rule of law within an inclusive liberal democratic framework, within the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, with regard to active and engaged citizenship, and upholding the right and responsibility of individuals to exercise leadership in their personal, professional and civic lives.

4. LV acts with integrity and never supports actions or ideas that support violence, hatred, the material disenfranchisement or oppression of any demographic, or flagrant destruction of vulnerable species or ecosystems.

5. LV is an independent, politically neutral organisation which upholds freedom of thought, the contest of ideas, and diversity of viewpoints.  The viewpoints of speakers and contributors to LV activities and communications do not necessarily represent an LV viewpoint, and may sometimes be deliberately presented in order to highlight a difference with an LV viewpoint. LV takes public positions only through a leadership lens, in particular through identifying issues of leadership and through surfacing and identifying competing ethical frameworks within those issues.