Women's Leadership Program - Day 1

11 May 2016 By Kerry May, Monash Health

Driving to Chateau Yering we felt very much that we were leaving our worries and jumble of thoughts that consume us in everyday life behind, setting the scene to indulge in self-reflection, learning and growth.

Among us there were nerves, as we were going to an unfamiliar situation with people we did not know.

Our guest speakers were a highlight of the day, the most important message being that great adversity leads to great growth - the crucible concept.

Jacqui Cooper's sharing of her experiences, her determination and mental strength blew us all away. Carmel Arthur's courage in great personal adversity, self-insight and courage in circumstances beyond our experience was deeply moving. We hope a book manuscript is in progress so that her stories can be shared more widely.

The FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavioural) debrief was confronting, disturbing and surprising, but on consideration and reflection we saw it as another tool in our leadership toolbox.

We are grateful for the supportive atmosphere (soft landings) in the room, but most importantly the wine tasting where we plan to work through our ethical dilemmas of wine selection through the lens of deontology. 


Kerry May
Monash Health