Williamson: Working with our Workplace Challenges

24 June 2016 By Marg and James on behalf of the Weedy Sea Dragons

Williamson Community Leadership Program – Blog, June 2016

On a cold Melbourne winters morning the 2016 Williamson Cohort assembled in the JJ Clark room for a day dedicated to “working with our workplace challenges”.

Fresh from the previous day’s social inclusion session.  The room soon heated up with discussion which considered the previous day’s presentations from several asylum seekers and a visit to a local Mosque.  The TED piece on moral roots of liberals and conservatives kicked the thinking and conversation off, with the notion that everybody forms a view based on the fact that they think they are right. 

With the news that that the Rise UP Australia party’s National President Daniel Nalliah was not able to attend due to campaign pressures, there was time available to discuss the politics of the day and in particular the US election process and the candidates.  A rich conversation ensued regarding the pros and cons of hearing and understanding from opposing views and where the line drawn as to who is provided “air time” -whether or not LV was being a platform or not for the Rise UP Australia party to the WCLP group and whether this was different somehow to any other group or individual presenting to WCLP.  

The room began to express differing views on Rise UP Australia some of which were very strong and others who were not as familiar with the group  interested to hear the view they held and why.

We also were introduced to the expression or word “Mugwump” a person who remains aloof or independent, especially from party politics, Thankyou Simon!

The morning allowed the group to ponder the notion that forming a view does come from a number of places which include deep set morals and values along with what information we have been exposed too.  One thing that is clear from a leadership perspective is that many of the issues are complex and availing yourself to as many alternative views I believe allows us to grow as leaders and form views that are considered.  After all changing and influencing someone’s view when they start from the perspective that they think they are right is a great place for leaders to be when embarking on a journey to change perceptions and make a difference.

The afternoon was focused around the True North’s and Peer Consulting working on the principle that sharing and allowing ourselves to view leadership challenges from an alternate lens can unlock ideas that we may not have considered in the past and provide us with alternative ways of dealing with complex issues.