Uniting AgeWell Leadership Program - Day Two

10 May 2016 By Shayne Armstead, Systems Manager, Uniting AgeWell

I was thrown a little into the deep end when I arrived right on commencement time (some may suggest I was late, I utterly refute that) in that I wasn’t present on the first day of the program so I had no real idea of what was going on - alas a fine gentleman from the Uniting AgeWell Quality team got me up to speed in no time and went straight into reflections from the previous day and a small outlook on what was up-coming today from LV Chief Executive, Richard Dent.

From there we jumped straight into the FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) session with our facilitator Katalin Howell, where she explained the framework to the group and had everyone estimate what they might score across each of the 6 domains and as result of that we were asked to match that score with a list of de-identified actual scores posted at the back of the room. A really interesting activity in which I think a couple of people got their match correct. I was some way off on the other hand, missed it by 8 points overall which was a lot considering my overall score was only 15! An Interesting exercise none the less which lead to some further conversations during the breaks.

Following on from this guest presenter Dana Eisenstein (Mindscape Consulting) presented on emotional intelligence, a topic I must confess I knew very little about (in fact I considered Googling what it even meant at the start). A fascinating, insightful and exceptionally well delivered presentation was consumed by all of us from Dana and I know personally I left the Old Treasury Building yesterday questioning why I'm so unemotional and what that might mean. Thanks Dana!

The day was rounded out by some really productive workplace challenge sessions which I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of and sharing my challenge with my group.

I look forward to days 3, 4 and 5.

Over and Out,

Shayne Armstead
Systems Manager - Corporate Services
Uniting AgeWell