Twitter workshop

20 June 2012 By Conal Thwaite

Sam Bell
Sam Bell

The JJ Clark Room was buzzing with Tweets on Tuesday morning as Samantha Bell, Managing Director of Runaway Digital, inducted many and impressed most with a detailed account of engaging with the Twittersphere.

Some participants set up their accounts for the first time and others learnt how to get the most out of this still relatively new form of direct communication between citizens. Click here to see some photos of the event on Facebook.

The sold-out Twitter workshop was part of LV’s Citizen Leadership program, which aims to inspire critical reflection and educate participants about new modes of communication that have been at the forefront of recent social movements that utilised new technologies.  

There was certainly no shortage of mobile phones, laptops and tablets in the packed room at the Old Treasury Building as Samantha introduced the audience to both the technical side of Twitter as well as some finer points on managing your online presence, whether that be for business, community organising or a personal Twitter account. 

Samantha explained the language of Twitter including retweeting (RT), hash-tags (#leadvic) and including usernames (@LeadVic) to deliver messages to followers. Sometimes these can be confusing especially to new users, but even some experienced Tweeters learnt a thing or two about which followers see their comments when they use these devices to engage in the conversation.

LV would like to thank Samantha and all those who participated in the workshop for making the day a great success.

Click here to view photos from the day.