To lead others, use your heart

28 July 2015 By Fast Track 2015 participant Clare de Kok

Reflections from day two of the 2015 Fast Track Leadership Program.

Starting the day, I was immediately met with a wall of positivity, everyone was eager to chat and share there reflections from the previous day. Over the day the energy continued to build with active participation in the activities by everyone.

Presentations by Will Dayble (Squareweave) with his non traditional disruption-innovation philosophy and Jason Cotton (nucleus) with his strategic and systematic approach, demonstrated the difference and variety of leadership styles. Both presenters sparked an animated discussion from the group.

The differing styles of leadership is present within the group and this is ok, leadership is not bound by a hard and fast list of rules but is more reflective of a use of styles with personality and purpose. Some of our strongest leadership attributes come from the stories we tell.

One of the key areas of discussion was the use of the DISC styles, being able to recognise your own “style” and those of those in the group. This was an eye opening exercise for many of the participants as we learned about our own strengths and weaknesses. It gave us the opportunity to learn how to address people in different DISC styles.

The 'great debate' was an opportunity for everyone to have an active role. This was a little short due to time constraints but the ability for the teams to present their cases, was completed with humour. The gratitude at the conclusion of the day demonstrated that everyone had something to give and everyone had taken something from the day.

I was reminded of a quote:

"To lead yourself, use your head. To lead others, use your heart.
Always touch a persons heart before you ask him for a hand"
- J Maxwell

Within this group, the stories we share touch the hearts of others - that is the beginning of leadership.