Are you a Deliberate Creative Thinker?

3 March 2015 By Bill Jarrard - Imagineer

Achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage is increasingly difficult as everyone improves quality and service, cuts costs, streamlines, or restructures.  Many Australian companies have Innovation as a key strategy – but few achieve outstanding results with innovation.  Those that do have learnt that innovation cannot be left to chance and that creativity on demand is critical to their success. 

One key to successful innovation, and therefore organisation success, is new ideas - but not just any new ideas. As the late Dr Malcolm McIntosh, then Chief Executive of CSIRO, prophetically said in 1999:- "In the 21st Century, Australia will earn most of its income from industries that draw their competitive edge from ideas. The only alternative would be to compete on low wage costs - and that is not a solution most Australians would accept."

What is needed are new ideas that address issues faced by organisations today and in the future. And that requires a commitment to creativity. 

Deliberate Creative Thinking offers a proven practical approach to generating ideas that lead to innovation and help achieve success – however you define it. 

As the name suggests, it’s about thinking: choosing the best available thinking approach and technique and applying it in a deliberate manner. It’s a disciplined approach to shifting perceptions to open up new possibilities, alternatives and ideas. 

Deliberate Creative Thinking focuses creative effort, provides tools to develop and enlist the creative genius of people at all levels, and facilitates creativity on demand. These methods are simple and logical, and require a disciplined approach, but can be learned and used by anyone. 

Theodore Levitt said “the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”.  This has never been truer. The challenge for leaders is to provide their people with the wherewithal to explore and develop potential opportunities faster and with greater success.

What do you think you will you do today to prepare to meet the challenges that are coming?

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