The top 10 Do's & Don't on Overcoming Digital Disruption Challenges

5 August 2015 By Russell Yardley FAICD (WCLP 1995)

The top 10 Do's and Don't on Overcoming Digital Disruption Challenges - a Board perspective.

1.     Outrage NOT ego and greed. Don't let shiny, exciting things (ego and greed) distract you, they are fads which come and go. Pay attention to deep trends (the ones which come from outrage and deep-seated connections)

2.     Disruption NOT just digital

3.     Amplify people with technology, NOT technology with technology. Technology amplifies what people can do. Focus on the people, not the tools they use.  

4.     Understand how and why the culture has been changed, NOT the tool which changed it. Tools don't write strategies for communications and collaboration, but tools have helped us fundamentally change our communication and collaboration. 

5.     Look up NOT down for inspiration. You should look up from your devices to gaze through the skylight for inspiration you should stop staring down at your devices to be told what are your priorities. 

6.     Dig deep to get simple NOT simple to get shallow. You should take the time to drive through the complexities of important matters and then and only then simplify to provide leadership. Do not start with a simple advertising message and look for evidence to support a simplified solution.

7.     Focus on what your CEO is not seeing NOT repeating your CEO's priorities. Seek out what disruption is just around the corner. Do not rerun your CEO's priorities. That's execution and not your domain.

8.     Look outwards and longer term NOT inwards and on the short term. Connect your organisation to relevant successes and learn from other's mistakes. Do not focus on small errors while wallowing in your 20:20 hindsight vision.

9.     Leverage the ability of digital technologies and massive connectedness to help you achieve your purpose NOT be seduced by the impressive but often irrelevant technologies at your disposal.

10.  Use technology with purpose NOT just because it is there. Ethics are important just because it can be done is no justification for doing it. You should Focus on how technology can accelerate your achievment


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