Igniting Leadership Program: Day Two by Tamara Chalmers

6 August 2012 By Tamara Chalmers

Tamara Chalmers
Tamara Chalmers

LV's Igniting Leadership Program is a concentrated learning experience that is designed to foster a new generation of leaders. Tamara Chalmers, a participant in ILP for August 2012, reflects on the program:

WOW! I feel like I have just stepped off the Gravitron ride at the Royal Melbourne Show. Day two of the Ignite Leadership course has come to a halt and so has my ride for the week. I feel like I have been tipped upside down and spun from side to side. I knew it wasn't going to be a carousel ride but boy oh boy!

My ideals have been challenged and now I am faced with some rude awakenings. Questions have been put to me about my strengths, my weaknesses, what sort of leader I am, am I currently in the right role, am I using my skills to their best ability?

But more to the point, this course is not all about me, it is about my team and how I can best lead them. I have left the day thinking how I can best put the knowledge of these inspirational and experienced speakers together with the learnings' from group activities into action! I never thought it was possible to cram so much into one day and to still get so much out of it.

By day two the trust is starting to form within the groups. Those awkward moments have passed. First names are now being remembered and some serious soul searching has commenced. It is time to open up so we all get the most we possibly can out of this amazing experience.

Now time for a break in between days before we queue up for the roller coaster ride of a life time!

Tamara Chalmers is WorkSafe's Events and Sponsorship Manager (forever organising!)