23 June 2017 By Sebastine Kamara

Ever since i was a child, my parents and siblings told me how special I was and that “i was going to go places”

Eventually it got to my head. I had that “I know it all” attitude. After all, my family says i am special so i must be. I am also quiet sensitive. Though i believe I have some qualities of a leader, i walked away from many projects because i felt opposed.

On the first day of our NECLP meeting, Richard shared a quote with us and i will never forget it. “Don't let offense block your development”

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23 June 2017 By Christian BASHIMBE

For the second day of the Program I discovered that being a leader could be a challenging step.  Working with the Values, Morals and Ethics of each community is based on perception.

I understood that Leadership usually comprises competing values and some times people values and morals would be in conflict with the Ethics.

I feel that achieving this Leadership Program is like caring the whole world in my hands. It makes me understand how much my community and the world in general needs my voice and positive contribution to make it better and makes me more concerning about bringing people together. 

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15 February 2017 By LV

Constantine Osuchukwu doesn’t lack leadership. He’s the Anglican priest at St Paul’s Bakery Hill Ballarat after all.

But Constantine sought mentorship through the New and Emerging Communities Leadership Program because he says leaders “never stop learning”. Specifically, he wanted to improve his business skills. 

Leadership Victoria paired him with local businessman Mike McCaw, a connection crucial to the establishment of the inspiring One Humanity Shower Bus project.


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