Step Up, Stand Up: Igniting Leadership

19 May 2016 By Antje Dun, Igniting Leadership Program graduate

Step up, stand up

Know thyself, know others, vulnerability a must,
Anticipate emotions and build the trust,

Pause, be present, listening to listen,
Care and share to help others to glisten,

Know your passion, your purpose, keep asking why,
Know your passion, your purpose and continue to try,

Flexibility, integrity, opportunities galore,
Kindness and empathy - keep building more,

Lead the follower, follow the leader - we can do both,
Boogie on the dance floor, the balcony is for growth,

Acknowledge, empower, celebrate win-wins,
Use framing and coaching to swim through the din,

Step up, stand up, it's a choice one can make,
Leadership is a journey that I can take...