Start the New Year Right: Resolve to Lead Differently

20 January 2016 By Julia Fabris McBride, Kansas Leadership Centre

This year make only one New Year’s resolution – Resolve to shift your leadership mindset. There is so much pressure on you and the people you work with to get things done. So, naturally, the two most common questions you ask yourself and your colleagues are: What are we going to do? And when are we going to do it? It stands to reason that you have a “do it now” mindset when it comes to leadership.

Instead, in 2016, try on the “get curious” mindset.  So many of the challenges facing 21st century organisations and communities defy easy answers. They are adaptive challenges, problems that require us to take time to really understand the situation from all points of view. So start the New Year with two new questions in mind: What’s going on here? And what do we need to learn?

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About Julia Fabris McBride

A professional coach and speaker, Julia Fabris McBride is Vice President of the Kansas Leadership Centre. Julia is passionate about helping people make the most of their lives while making a difference in the world. She has previously managed her own US-wide coaching business and taught leadership and management at university level.