Address to LV Anniversary Dinner

20 March 2015 By Jonathan Harvey, ANZ

Firstly let me say what an honour it is to have been asked to say a few words on behalf of LV’s partner organisations.

ANZ has been a proud partner of LV since 1990 and has had a participant in the Williamson CLP in 21 years of the 25 that it has been running and I know a good many of you are here tonight.

Of course this flagship program bears the name of ANZ’s Chief General Manager (these days he’d be called CEO) between the years of 1954 and 1961, Hugh Williamson.  

I’ve had the occasion to read David Merrett’s 1985 history of ANZ in which he describes Williamson’s exceptional diplomatic skills as well as his ability to connect with people at all levels in the bank, no doubt influenced by his humble beginnings, growing up as the son of a mechanic in Ballarat.

Williamson’s early career with the Bank of Australasia, which became ANZ following its merger with the Union bank in 1951, was notable for its breadth and particularly the mobility that he demonstrated, moving around country Victoria followed by Townsville and then onto New Zealand.

I reflect on how challenging it can be today to get young talent to move to further their careers, something about Melbourne and Australia having a great quality of life and it makes the obvious sense of adventure demonstrated by a young Hugh Williamson in the 1930s and 40s all the more impressive.

ANZ today talks about wanting leaders who see the world through a wide angle lens. Hugh Williamson certainly did and the Program that bears his name undoubtedly builds this breadth of perspective in its alumni.

On behalf of all of the partner Organisations, thank you Leadership Victoria and happy 25th birthday.

Jonathan Harvey, Group General Manager Executive Development and Resourcing, ANZ

16 March 2015