SkillsBank Coordinator Initiative

13 April 2011 By Leadership

SkillsBank has a new initiative which aims to enhance LV’s relationships with community organisations and engage Alumni in ways that have greater impact.

The SkillsBank Coordinators role is to evaluate project requests and manage the project throughout its duration. Increasingly, SkillsBank is receiving complex project requests which require building a rapport with the CEO or equivalent of the organisation, engaging with stakeholders, building a team of Alumni and monitoring the project.

LV’s Program Manager, Projects, Sunita Varlamos, is working with two SkillsBank Coordinators, Sandy Guest (EBLP ’09) and Paul O’Shea (EBLP ’10).

This initiative means LV is able to offer more interesting and diverse opportunities for Alumni to contribute to the community. If the idea of being a SkillsBank Coordinator appeals to you, please email