Skilled volunteers join GreatConnections

23 July 2013

Earlier this month LV welcomed our latest group of volunteers with an induction event.

The induction is the final step in the recruitment process with individual skills and experience having been assessed prior. The session focussed on providing the finer details of the types of opportunities available for them as well as the organisations that LV has as clients. The group included a mix of Alumni and volunteers who wanted to refresh their knowledge and are now in a situation to be able to actively volunteer.

Jasper Coghlan, one of LV's Client Managers, provided an understanding of his role in matching their skills with the needs of community organisations.

"It was lovely to be able to welcome these skilled volunteers who have put themselves forward to help community organisations by sharing their knowledge and skills. I have no doubt that each and every one of them will provide 'value for money' and a social impact," commented Sunita Valamos, Manager Social Impact.

If you are interested in volunteering click here for more information