Sacha Connor: How many lawyers does it take to win a debate?

24 July 2012 By Sacha Connor

Sacha Connor
Sacha Connor

LV's Igniting Leadership Program is a concentrated learning experience designed to foster a new generation of leaders. Sacha Connor is a participant in the July/ August program and below she reflects on Day Two.

How many lawyers does it take to win a debate? Apparently more than two!

As we near the end of Day Two of the Igniting Leadership course, tired but eager to put into practice some of our "A ha" moments, we re-energise with a Great Debate: "Bad leaders can turn good."

Extremely insightful and thought provoking arguments presented by both sides; not quite as profound as the guest speakers who shared very open and honest thoughts and experiences and certainly provided us with food for thought.

Speaking of food – a big tick from me on the evaluation form!

Those muffins were amazing.

Have you ever thought of asking someone "who are you?" rather than "what do you do?"

Angela Rutter from the Australian Conservation Foundation asked us exactly that. Angela highlighted the roles of values in Leadership and also in our personal lives. A great insight into what makes us tick and also a chance for fellow participants to share with one another what significant events or people have shaped who they are today. The level of comfort amongst each other was evident, with many of us happy to share our stories.

Our next speaker Professor Harry Majewski had the challenge of engaging an audience on a Friday afternoon but he did exactly that with his honesty and no frills, non-textbook approach to leadership. "Keep it simple, engage your people and value their input."

They say a problem shared is a problem halved so it was time for us to talk about a workplace challenge we were facing with our fellow participants. Some great advice and suggestions were provided. Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of objective ears to hear your story.

Like most people in the room, I've tried and tested many profiling tools and even train them but the mornings tool literally showed our true colours.

For anyone game enough, this course will prompt you to really start thinking about what sort of leader you are and want to become, and if you really believe you can dance, others will follow.

Sacha Connor is Team Leader Learning and Development at UniSuper. UniSuper is an industry super fund dedicated to all who work in Australia's higher education and research sector.