Reflection from day two: Igniting Leadership Program

5 August 2015 By Selina, Participant, Igniting Leadership

Reflection on day 2 of Igniting Leadership (Series 3, Fri 31 July 2015)

Where else to start but at the end which was filled with gratitude (ably facilitated by chocolate) and preceded by a great debate - "Are famous people better ambassadors for social change?" – they are not according to the results of the debate.

 It was also a great way to mark the almost halfway point of our leadership learning journey with energy and fun on a Friday afternoon no less. The great debate was a pertinent illustration of how quickly a group of people who barely know each other let alone worked together can get organised around a shared purpose and deliver in 45 minutes. Late Friday afternoon fade out averted. And we would have been a well deserving bunch to indulge in a bit of go-slow by that time of the day. Because the pace that had been set on day one of the program did not let up on the second.

Day two was well lit with a fascinating focus on values and motivation. We went from YouTube which transported us to an outdoor music festival to see the importance of developing followers in leadership (or the first couple at least) to two very comprehensive presentations on leadership frameworks both emphasising the importance of context. We then spent time learning more about our own personal strengths through the Strength Deployment Inventory tool and grouped around three areas of people, performance or process. In this framework blue and green can most definitely be seen together.

While we were being loaded up with crucial ideas and information and suggestions for follow up reading and viewing the thing that struck me most about today's program was that it was about making connections. My values and others' are not likely to be the same but personally and professionally there are ways to find commonality to mobilise effort.

That my strengths and those of my team mates and peers could be quite different but we will find ways of working together productively especially if I am able to better recognise how their strengths are likely to present particularly when things are going well (the stuff of when it's not going well will be revealed further into the program).

Being able to argue for either the affirmative or negative team shows that you can 'try on' viewpoints even if the side of the argument you're on doesn't align with your own values or world view. Being able to connect is fundamental and today's experience was another great opportunity to keep practicing.

Thank you Louise (our facilitator) and Leadership Victoria!

- Selina, Participant, Igniting Leadership Series #3 2015.


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