Psychometric Testing

12 April 2017 By Will Brodie

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Is it a way to find out the amount of madmen in a society?

A means of finding nerds dedicated to eradicating inches and yards from the world?


But neither are they instruments of mental torture as many people may believe.

Yes, psychometric tests are often used in recruitment, but are also valuable for those working on their leadership skills.

There are three distinct categories of psychometric tests – ability tests, interest inventories and personality questionnaires.

The latter, in particular, are relevant for individuals and businesses at all times.

Leadership skills website says such testing can uncover hidden bad habits, and provide “objective and impartial” analysis.

“The better people understand themselves and others, the better they can build and maintain positive workplace relationships.”

Greater self-awareness improves communication, builds trust and enhances how you cope with feedback.

“A psychometric test measures more than just self-perception, it measures actual behaviour, because what people actually do is more important than what they say, or think they do.

And it compares those behaviours with others, to give a real indication of an individual’s abilities, strengths, weaknesses and behaviours.”

Good psychometric tests are a tool to help you better understand yourself. They should be friend, not foe.  Especially when developing and refining your leadership skills.


Developing Self, Leading Others program utilises two different types of psychometric tests to help uncover a deep understanding of your behaviours, biases and vulnerabililties, to uncover your behavioural styles to improve your leadership performance.  Interested in knowing yourself better? Program launches next month, apply now