Program Bites: WCLP Day 3

1 May 2017 By Michelle Shepherd

Day two of weekend three and the WCLP 17 cohort was ready for a day of Leadership Identity work, True North presentations and the opportunity to decide which CLAN (Community Leadership in Action Networks) we will commit to for the duration of the program.

As the duty syndicate, Pink Heath had the pleasure of hosting, and we knew by the buzz and chatter in the room that we were in for a great session.

Having spent the previous day together contemplating Leadership and the Carbon Footprint, our minds were ready for a deep dive workshop into the Roles of Values in Leadership. 

Lead by Angela Rutter (Williamson 2009) Director of Engagement Australian Conservation Foundation; the workshop had us looking closely at attitudes and behaviours, social power against social justice and more while reflecting that globally, we have more in common when it comes to values that we may think.

If there’s one belief that Leadership Victoria has, it is that now and then there must be fun, and today was no different.  A quiz, a challenge; there’s no shortage of competition when it comes to supporting your syndicate, and it lends a little light relief from the deep concentration of workshops.

One of our tasks for the day was to decide upon a CLAN (Community Leadership in Action Networks), and eight CLAN Champions presented questions with the hope of getting their groups up and running.  An intense 40 minutes followed as the entire cohort contemplated and discussed ideas and outcomes before settling on their preference.  Speaking personally on my CLAN preference, I could not be more excited to get going.

So came to an end another fantastic two days of robust discussions, learning, laughter and reflection. Thanks to all who participate and make it possible.


Michelle Shepherd, HotHouse Media and Events