Program Bites: WCLP Day 2

31 March 2017 By Peace and Prosperity

It seemed appropriate that Peace and Prosperity should be the duty syndicate for our first day on Australia's economic prosperity. We chose to start at the macro (what does it all mean) and then focus on the micro with a live example (penalty rates).

The entire 2017 cohort were asked to participate in the conversation, starting with a pre-workshop survey monkey, polls throughout the white paper, and the chance to reflect and consolidate on pre-survey responses at the end of the day.

Diverse reactions to our speakers had us wondering if we'd sat through the same session, as we recalled different answers to probing questions. It also confirmed what we already knew - that there is diversity in our expectation of the speakers which adds to the richness of our experience and conversation.

We had our first exposure to a fishbowl discussion. A conversation that went around in circles - just as the concentric ripples of our WCLP group. Our speakers covered a combination of fact based data sharing, personal reflections and critical analysis of each other and others on the broad topic of economic prosperity.

The day highlighted the complexity of the topic and left us reflecting on the inter-generational prosperity challenges and the exceptional leadership that these issues will require.


Dr Cathy McAdam, Department Head - Paediatric General Medicine, Monash Children’s Hospital