Program Bites: NECLP Wodonga Day 5

30 July 2017

I always look forward to these NECLP days because I know at the end of the day, I'll walk out with a spring in my step. There's so much wisdom to gain not only from the speakers but from other participants - the sheer difficulties of what they have overcome, their strength and resilience. I feel as though I have found my community - friends I can work together with to change things for the better. 

Having grown up very isolated without peers of CALD background, I had crippling anxieties about voicing my opinions on race issues for fear of backlash. When I expressed these fears at today's program everyone was so supportive -"whatever you do, we have your back…we can work together and support each other". I think in the end this is what community leadership boils down to. It's about finding your support base, people who will be there to back you up, people who you can confide in and come up with strategies together. I believe in future we can all help create together - one where diversity is not only accepted but celebrated.


Nivanka De Silva