Program Bites: NECLP Wodonga Day 1

23 June 2017 By Sebastine Kamara

Ever since i was a child, my parents and siblings told me how special I was and that “i was going to go places”

Eventually it got to my head. I had that “I know it all” attitude. After all, my family says i am special so i must be. I am also quiet sensitive. Though i believe I have some qualities of a leader, i walked away from many projects because i felt opposed.

On the first day of our NECLP meeting, Richard shared a quote with us and i will never forget it. “Don't let offense block your development

It was such a humbling moment for me. I realised that as a leader there will be times when others will disagree with me but that should not stop me from pursuing what i set out to do.

I am eager to learn more from the facilitators, mentors and my fellow participants.


Sebastine Kamara

Gateway Health Wodonga