Program Bites: Igniting Leadership Day 2

10 April 2017 By Blake Monahan

Day two at Igniting Leadership today’s session starts as every day should, with a crazy man dancing erratically. Valuable lessons were learned from “The Dancing Guy”, sometimes you have to stand alone and persevere through the hard times. When you get that first follower the importance of acceptance and the rest will come.

Next was one of the most challenging and engaging times in the Igniting Leadership program thus far, values. Why ask “what do you do?” when we really want to know “who are you?” This was a personal challenge for many of us in the group to really take time to think about what is important to us.

Workplace challenges; a time to bring an issue you have at your workplace to fresh eyes for fresh ideas without judgement or agendas. Not only did we learn about our challenges when receiving feedback but often when listening about the challenges of others we were able to find links and common issues.

Brown paper bag, this one was a cracker luckily there was a time limit because Rachel had enough slides to see us out to day five of the program. It was amazing to hear about her experience in the Torres Strait. Even more amazing to hear someone talk with so much passion about their experience. Well done Rachel.

Emotional intelligence from Andrew Marty an engaging conversation with extensive data on a subject that can often feel very personal.

Finally on day two we reached the pinnacle of the Igniting Leadership program. The great debate, a group of professionals lined up next to each other. Topics ranged all the way from full nappies and chewing sand to ‘facts’ not something that belongs in the debating room. Susanna a lawyer by trade came in and clinched the win for the negative, a real born leader.


Blake Monahan, State Trustees Limited