Program Bites: Igniting Leadership Day 4

19 April 2017 By Corinne Szczurek

Here we are at Day 4, ready for another inspiring session.

We eased into the morning with a Ted Talk, exploring the analogy of the Golden Circle with insightful, bestselling author Simon Sinek. The key take away message was definitely that "people don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it".

We then welcomed Judy Utley into the room. Heading up the Human Resources department at Treasury Corporation of Victoria, Judy has a wealth of knowledge to share... 

...about engagement and culture from a systems perspective, taking us through her real life experiences and challenges. Judy emphasised that in the work place we will always deal with ambiguity and it is important to be guided by a system, but to also know that a system is going to breakdown. Judy provoked some thinking around our ‘third space’ and the difference between ‘niceness’ and ‘kindness’.

After a quick discussion on the concept of authentic leadership, we moved onto the much loved segment; Brown Paper Bag.

Catherine Bennett's presentation on resilience drilled down to the essentials - a positive attitude, optimism, emotional regulation and using failure as helpful feedback being key to building resilience. The concept of Radical Acceptance being new to some of us; it's not good; it's not bad; it just is.

We settled back into our Workplace Challenge groups and the final participants had a chance to share their challenge and receive well thought out feedback. We also caught up on some of the progress our peers had made over the last week with regard to their challenges.

After a delicious lunch, we were joined by the Assistant Commissioner, Nigel Howard.  We looked at the values of a good leader and leadership in the personal and community setting as well the workplace.

The World Café Activity was an interesting one. In our table groups we decided on two pressing questions we had around leadership. As groups we went around from poster to poster scribbling down our thoughts on the topic, resulting in a diverse range of answers.

We finished off the day with some coaching practice, including extracting our partner’s favourite movie using only open ended questions. This proved to be very difficult!

All in all, another jam packed day. So, we will leave you with this: remember to ‘start with why’ and be ‘kind’.

Corinne Szczurek, Goulburn-MurrayWater