Program Bites: Igniting Leadership Day 3

24 July 2017 By Melanie Fraser

Participants approached the third day of Igniting Leadership having completed the Clifton Strengths assessment wondering "What does it all mean?", "Shouldn't I focus on my weaknesses?", "Can I change my strengths or are they already set?"

Our facilitator, Oenone, invited us to perform activities which highlighted how draining and negative it can feel to work on a weakness, whereas it was clear focussing our energies on our innate skills and strengths are energising and positive.

Rob Hart, Associate Coach gave us a fascinating presentation highlighting the importance of simplicity of thought and maintaining a clear focus, drawing on his background in psychology and behavioural sciences.

Rob was able to clearly demonstrate how crucial initial stages of planning combines all 4 pre-requisites for change: pressure for change, a clear shared vision, capacity for change and actionable first steps. Whilst many of us may have recognised and experienced the results of a poorly executed change process, it was illuminating to understand how the absence of one of those facets contributed to that outcome.

In the afternoon Carla Kurzbock, Senior Facilitator, introduced us to the GROW model of coaching - exploring Goals, Reality, Obstacles/Options and Way Forward.  We were all able to perform the roles of coach, coachee and observer with our peers which enabled us to recognise that the role of a coach is not to give solutions. Rather coaching is a collaborative, interactive process that inspires individuals to explore new ideas, maximise their strengths, take responsibility for their actions and reach their own solutions.

Today's activities highlighted previous learnings that one of a leader's most important roles is to instil confidence in other people, however I could also see that by working on our strengths we are also working on instilling confidence in ourselves.

Melanie Fraser, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission